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As the largest stone production province in China, promoting the online connection is destinated to promote the export of stone & tool in Fujian Province,and to maintain the foreign trade during the epidemic, help enterprises to set up networks with customers and maintain channels, and improve the export KPI in many cities.
Exhibitors adopt the method of recording and broadcasting. Before the exhibition, the live video is recorded and played in the live room of the home page. It can be linked to the enterprise or used in the live mode.
By the data from buyer's targeted invitation, as well as the professional input of the exhibitors, the details will be matched with the AI Big Data to accurately analyze the market preference, product characteristics and etc, so as to provide the best connection and recommendation for the exhibitors and buyers.


  • 1)Supported by leading suppliers of China stone industry, such as WANLONG, ZHONGZHI , SHENGDA , HENGLONG, WEIGE, etc.
  • 2)Get connected with 100 selected suppliers
  • 3)Customzied service from qualified suppliers
  • 4)Your gateway to the tool and machinery products in stone & quartz sector of China

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